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Nepal is ranked 5th with the poorest developed water system in the world (U.S. News and World Report)

An estimated 85% of Nepal's population is not served with safe drinking water (Nepal's Department of Water Supply and Sanitation)


We invest in water filtration and infrastructure projects to bring easier access to clean water to Nepalese government schools, rural villages, and local institutions.

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Zach & Aman
Zach & Aman
Zach & Aman
Zach & Aman

On my first trip to Nepal, I met a 7-year-old Nepalese boy named Aman. We didn't speak the same language, but we laughed together and bonded over playing soccer and listening to our favorite music (especially songs by Ed Sheeran). He was a big inspiration for me when I started the project, and he still remains so today. He continues to remind me that two people from completely different backgrounds can share so much joy and impact each other's lives in such profound ways.

Having traveled to Nepal 6 times now, I can't express how much I admire the strength of Nepalese communities and the dedication of the social workers who work with me through this project. I have also connected with some of the kindest people who I am grateful to call my friends. The Nepalese people who I have met the last 3 years inspire me to keep working on this project every day and to use the resources here at home to make the biggest impact that I can.

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