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For Those Who Serve Others

Our hearts reach out to them. Nepal Snehi Kaakha (Translation: Nepal Loving Lap) is a homeless shelter and intellectual disability center for children and women rescued from the streets, no matter their age or type of disability.

The volunteers at Nepal Snehi Kaakha provide a new home for people who have lost their own and become passionate caretakers for those who need their support the most. These volunteers pour their time and heart into positively transforming the lives of the previously abandoned while making the best of what resources they can gather.

Without sufficient funding from the government, Nepal Snehi Kaakha fights an uphill battle every day just to fill these people's basic needs and give them the quality of life that every human deserves: food, shelter, and clean water.

Stay tuned to learn more about what WIN has done to help and how your support can further improve the lives of these Nepalese in need.

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