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Thank You SO much to The Forgotten International!

The Forgotten International (TFI) supports local grassroots organizations in over nine different countries, but they also have created a Doing Good curriculum that aims to encourage and inspire the younger generation to begin working towards humanitarian efforts to benefit others.

Through the Doing Good Program and the TFI Compassion Award, WIN is so excited that The Forgotten International has contributed $1,000 to our goal of funding a second sedimentation tank for the Godawari community in Nepal!

From Left to Right: Kristina (Compassion Education Officer), Zachary Wong (Founder of WIN), Tom Nazario (Founder of TFI)

The Nepalese who we work with will be ecstatic when we let them know this coming July that ALL of the money will be used to fund additional infrastructure for sustainable access to clean drinking water.

Preparing for moments like these with the Nepalese and fostering partnerships with first-rate organizations like TFI are what we feel makes our work in WIN worth it. Thank you SO much to Professor Thomas Nazario, founder of TFI, for your support and for inspiring us to continue to try and make a difference in the world. WIN is excited to have combined forces with TFI and its Doing Good Program to help provide clean drinking water and alleviate poverty in Nepal!

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