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Spreading the Awareness + Recognizing The Generosity of People like Vivian Ho

Exciting news! WIN had an amazing opportunity to present our work at the office of one of The Forgotten International's (TFI) board members, Vivian Ho. We were so happy to have been able to spread the awareness of Nepal's water crisis on a more personal, interactive level this week!

We highlighted some of the problems that make access to clean water so difficult for many Nepalese, and we outlined our goals for the near future to continue reaching even more people in Nepal who are in need. As a bonus, the presentation also featured original, on-site photos taken by one of our very own members, Selina Yang!

From Left to Right: Kristina (TFI Compassion Education Officer), Zachary (WIN founder), Vivian (TFI Board Member)

Along with the presentation, Vivian Ho made a generous, personal donation to Water in Nepal. WIN is SO grateful and thankful for Vivian's generosity serving others in need. Her kindness inspires us everyday to continue working towards our mission for Nepal. To us, each dollar goes a long way, and each dollar changes a person's life for the better.

Thank you to Vivian Ho and those like her who have generously contributed towards WIN's mission!

On that note, we are currently planning our 6th trip to Nepal in July. Every

dollar donated goes directly towards the construction and maintenance of WIN's projects. Stay tuned for updates on our new, funded projects in Nepal made possible by your support of WIN!

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