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Every Drop Counts

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Rainwater is free, relatively clean, and capturing it requires simple technology.

We are so excited to announce a new flagship project for WIN: our first rainwater harvesting project for the Geetamata Secondary School in Kathmandu. We first met with principal Hari Krishna Shrestha in 2019 summer. Gita Maata is providing education to over 2,000 students; most of them are from poor backgrounds. Even though Splash has donated an electric filter to their school, he explained that the real problem was the struggle with accessing enough water in the first place. Currently, they have 1 well, which cannot supply water for the whole year,

especially during their 6-month dry season.

Entrance into Geetamata Secondary School

With the support of WIN’s donors and supporters, we have successfully installed 380 ft. of gutters covering the majority of the school’s rooftop area. We are also continuing to provide a 5,000L storage tank and pipes to complete this rainwater harvesting system. With this project, we will help them provide clean water through the dry season for their students/staff for decades to come. Stay tuned for future updates!

Rooftop catchment area for the rainwater harvesting system

WIN funded 380ft. of gutters installed on Geetamata's rooftop

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