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Meet Puran Dongol- Local Manager of WIN's Projects

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Puran at one of WIN's Project Sites

Puran Dongol has partnered with Water in Nepal since our first project in 2017, working on the ground to oversee our projects from the planning to completion phases. He ensures that WIN's funds are handed directly to the communities in need and updates us on our projects' statuses with pictures and videos.

From founding his local non-profit organization, Right2Study, in 2011, he is well-connected with public schools, village communities, local NGOs, and local representatives both within and beyond the Kathmandu Valley. His ability to leverage these connections has helped us expand WIN's reach to remote districts and communities in the last three years. He is passionate about creating lasting change within his communities and furthering WIN's mission of giving clean drinking water to the Nepalese people in need.

Puran Dongol with Zachary Wong (WIN Founder)
Puran Handing Funds to a School on Behalf of WIN

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