• Zachary Wong

Shree Chandi Devi Primary School

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Entrance of the Shree Chandi Devi Basic School

Estimated Cost: USD $1,000

Preliminary Project Description: This school's water pipes are broken in multiple places, often interrupting the flow of drinking water to their school. As temporary fixes, they wrap the broken pipes with rubber-like bandages. However, as their pipe distribution system breaks at more points, the bandages won't be enough to maintain a stable flow of drinking water to their school. WIN plans on funding a 1,000-meter repair and replacement of their distribution system with higher-quality pipes that are both flexible and durable, providing them with easier access to clean drinking water for years to come.

Number of Beneficiaries: 157 students/staff

Location: Dukuchhap, Nepal

They wrap their pipes with bandages as temporary fixes

Another look at this school's exposed water pipes

They have the necessary tanks to store their water

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