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Baluddhar Secondary School

Status: Complete

Project Details: Not only was one storage tank damaged, but the pipes transporting this school's main source of drinking water for the students and staff were ruptured by the earthquake. These leaks led to precious water wasted every month and often resulted in a shortage of drinking water throughout the year. WIN not only funded a 1,000-liter storage tank to replace their broken one but initiated a 6-month long project to replace the damaged pipes with upgraded, more durable PVC pipes that lasts 40-50 years. While their previous pipes were exposed on the surface of the ground, we instead agreed with the school to place the new pipes under resurfaced concrete to increase their resiliency against passing motor vehicles, rough weather conditions, and unforeseen circumstances in the future.

Number of beneficiaries: 337 students/staff

Location: Galgaphedi, Nepal

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