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American Ninja Warriors Fundraiser At ClubSport

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

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Ninja Warriors fundraise with team members
WIN team members

WIN had an exciting fundraiser on Saturday 4/14/2018, hosted by ClubSport Fremont. It was an American Ninja Warrior Challenge class at the newly renovated health club. Thank you, Ms. Louise Williamson, Ms. Tiana Hicks, trainers, and other ClubSport staff for making this event not only successful but so much fun for all of us! The American Ninja Warriors obstacle course was physically challenging, but the trainers’ encouragement, positive energy, and set of upbeat music pushed us to the finish line! Our trainers gave us a “reward” for our hard work by ending the class with a few rounds of tug of war and dodgeball conducted by Ms. Hicks…a refreshing throwback to classic middle school P.E. times.

We had over 30 people attend our event – thank you for your participation and your generous donations. Our sincere thanks to those who could not come but donated to WIN. We will use every penny raised on water-related supplies during our upcoming June 2018 trip.

THANK YOU again ClubSport!

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