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Families in Sarlahi, Nepal

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Many families who send their kids to this school cannot afford a ceramic filter

Estimated cost of each local ceramic filter system: USD $15

Preliminary Project Description: The 300 households that send their kids to the Shree Pacha Kumari Secondary School rely heavily on groundwater for drinking. Located in the hot and humid Terai region, the availability of clean drinking water is critical for these families, yet many of them are marginalized and cannot afford even a 2-bucket local ceramic filter. Each local ceramic purifier effectively removes dirt and bacteria from their drinking water and can last for up to 3-5 years.

Number of Beneficiaries: The school has told us that only a few families can afford ceramic filters. A majority of them still drink unfiltered well water. The number of households needing ceramic filters is pending.

Location: Hariwan, Nepal

A look at the living conditions of the families who send their kids to the Shree Pacha Kumari Secondary School:

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